Two-piece - sweet & mean

Dramakings is rock n roll. Upbeat rockin tunes, sweet ballads, and boogie rhythms for all y'all who still got some soul.


Rootsy Rock n Roll


Dramakings is a rock n roll duo consisting of Jeff Jirout and Mark Edelman. Jeff on guitar and vocals, Mark on drums. They play rock n roll but in the broader sense of the genre, the songs range from jangly 60’s style to melodic punk to hypnotic boogie, sweet ballads. They’ve played together for many years in different bands but now they have stripped it down to a 2 piece. Choosing from Jeff’s by now very big songbook. Jeff fingerpicks most of the songs so he’s doing simple bass lines with the thumb and filling the rest in up top. Learned he says, by trying to play R.L. Burnside tunes.

So…..not many solos but a lot of rhythm going on there. Mark is a rock n roller at heart and picks up every song that way. The ballads and the boogie also have an r-n-r feel to them. They play mostly clean, sometimes distorted, they are sweet and mean at the same time. They both love the Ramones, Creedence, Thin Lizzy, Replacements and R.L. of course. Rock n roll, blues, boogie, it’s all melted together here.

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